What is the worst coffee shop in Hawaii?

This is a very subjective question, worthy of reflection and ACTION.

Hawaii is the source of legendary Kona Coffee, grown in the rich volcanic soil in Hawaii.  Since I have not, to my detriment, been to many coffee shops in the great state of Hawaii, I believe a field expedition is needed.

My goal would be to define “Coffee Shop”, and review as many as possible (being my usual honest and reflective self).

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The first series of reviews to be published would be Coffee shops where that is their primary business, not diners or restaurants that serve coffee.
In addition, we would seek out the “Best of the Worst”, serving the most wretched brew that can be served without the health department condemning the business.

I propose we get a kick-starter campaign, or Go fund me, and have a dedicated field expedition to each island and review coffee shops, perhaps 10 a day, focusing on the candidate for the “worst” shop. Part of the money raised can go to the shop for improvements, a website to promote our on-going research, a donation to charity, and supporting the research team.

I would be honored to lead the team in such an endeavor, and if interested readers contact me with their desire to fund and participate, I will build the initial website, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc., Start the funding effort, and promote the quest!

Fear not, my Hawaiian brethren, we shall (when funded) find the best of the worst!

“A pau e pono ai ka ke aloha a me ke kope”
(Translation from the Hawaiian: “All you need is love and coffee”)

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I hope you found my point of view enlightening and informative.

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