Save your Sewer and Drain Lines – and prevent costly pipe clogs and cleaning charges!

Sewer lines are not visible and something we don’t worry about, until there is a major Sewer backup, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to clear.

If you are lucky, it’s only trash in the pipe trap, that can be snaked or cleaned easily.  But lurking below your Sinks, bathroom fixtures, and drains is a 4″ pipe that can readily clog if the wrong items get sucked down the drain!

Sewer lines will clog over time.  Oil and grease from cooking form a buildup that can form a gelatinous mass; Hair, Wipes, Tissues (0r any paper thicker than Toilet tissue) can drop out of suspension when the waste water slows for any reason, and start a clog building.  If your Sewer lines are old, and subject to clogs, the most practical approach is to only allow Toilet Paper and human waste down the drain.  Anything else will, over time, start to clog your pipes.

Please do not Flush Sign-Available on Amazon

This sign lets everyone know that you are concerned about what goes down the pipes, as a polite reminder to guests and visitors.

A More Direct sign, also available on Amazon

The next step is to put strainers on all your fixtures (where possible)

Typical Sink strainers for Kitchen sinks, available on Amazon
Bathroom vanity sink Strainers/hair catchers

As a contractor and homeowner, I strongly recommend you start using these ASAP!  Stop anything that is not human waste and TP from clogging your pipes!  Even consider a Bidet, which can be fitted to your existing commode and will gently wash your bottom with water – eliminating the need for any TP.

You can find a big selection of Bathroom Bidet “Add-Ons” on Amazon (link will open in new window)

If that is not an option, consider a waste receptacle for used TP, that you can line with a bag and keep closed so it won’t smell up your bathroom.  Don’t forget plastic bags to seal in the odor when you throw them out.  Of course, Amazon has them for sale!

Another item to consider is very thin biodegradable toilet tissue.  Designed for septic systems, boats, and RV’s, it’s lighter than regular TP and breaks down faster.


Environmentally safe Toilet Tissue

Be kind to your drain lines, put oil and cooking grease in a jar and dispose of it in the trash, don’t put food scraps in your disposal, and put in screens to keep foreign objects out of the drains!  It may seem extreme, considering our callous disregard by putting “anything that could fit” down the drain.  Don’t be “that” person and keep the drains clear for a long, long, time!

The Last Word:


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