What is Car polish – and do I need it?

When you wash and wax your car, you sometimes can wax dirt onto the finish, especially if your car spends a lot of time outside.  Polishing smooths out the contaminants and residues that are stuck to the paint finish on your car.  Polishing is a step for car’s paint BEFORE you wax. Not all finishes need polishing (or fine compounding, which should be done before polishing).  if you run your hand over the freshly washed car, and you feel imperfections and particulates (or if the finish is not smooth at all),  your car is a candidate for a polishing.  You don’t always have to polish your finish, and you can just spot polish areas like the front of the hood, which get the brunt of road grime and crud.
When your car finish gets older, and suffers from dried bird droppings, tree sap, light oxidation, brake dust, etc., a polishing will help restore the smooth finish and look to your car. Make sure you don’t “overdo” it, especially if you use a rotary or random orbital buffer. You don’t have to polish your car very often, it depends on the finish – is it becoming rough? Not smooth when you wax? No more than once a year, if it needs it. If your car is garaged or covered or waxed regularly, you may never need to polish your car, unless you are doing a super-duper detailing job on the finish.
Available corded or cordless.
Once you have polished your car, all the wax is pretty much gone, and I would recommend a good hand-applied paste wax and buffing out with an random orbital polisher. (Put on a good base coat, and put another coat on in 2–3 weeks, your car will look sharp).
Here are some popular car waxes.  You will love the way your car will shine!
You can also get liquid waxes too.
In between waxes you can use a spray on “show car” finish detailer, that will re-activate the wax.
If you are saving water, these “waterless car wash” products get your car clean without using gallons of water and suds.
I hope you found my point of view enlightening and informative. 

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