Should Tesla build a Supercar?

OK, we need to lighten the load on Elon Musk; the Tesla is already (In my humble opinion) a Supercar. Before he got into the business, most electric cars were based on Golf Carts. Does he need to build a car in permanent insanity/super-ludicrous mode?
I, for one, would love to see it – BUT – It would be even more exciting if some sharp race car drivers (see Why Bill Nye thinks NASCAR should go electric) start putting really hot Tesla-based supercars on the track.
Just in case you are not sure the Tesla is in supercar territory, read 10 Supercars the Tesla P100D Could Embarrass at the Track from Cheatsheet.
Even a few well funded car enthusiasts could start taking a basic Tesla frame and start pumping out high-performance cars with features, software, and more that can give the Maybachs and their ilk a serious electric competitor. Or maybe one of the supercar companies can put their ego’s on pause and use a Tesla as their chassis. Now that would be hot, and Tesla would most likely embrace a partner making the foray into really high end cars.
Here is an article from Business Insider: Why Tesla’s newest release isn’t really a hypercar – and they call out Tesla to build a “Proper” supercar.
Let me call it what it is – These talking heads and critics are armchair wimps that don’t have the proper vision to build the supercar they are asking for. They want Elon Musk and the Tesla team to do all the heavy lifting, so they can compare it to Bugattis and Maseratis.
So there is my opinion – If I had some serious petty cash laying around, I would be funding the Tesla/Chenkin supercar , and laugh all the way to the bank as the competitors and talking heads rant about how it can’t be done, watching my tail-lights fade as I calmly leave them in the dust.

[1] If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world – Bill Nye | Aeon Ideas

Disclosure:  I own some Tesla Stock.
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Update:  Tesla is no building a world class “Supercar” – the Tesla Roadster!

Here is the version I can comfortably afford:

Hot Wheels HW Space / Tesla Roadster with Starman
Hot Wheels HW Space / Tesla Roadster with Starman, available from Amazon Toys!

(Note: SpaceX blasted a roadster into outer space on one the maiden voyage of the Falcon Heavy Rocket.  STARMAN <not a real human being> is the pilot).  For the current celestial location of STARMAN, click on

Where is Starman? Track Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in Space!

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