Does the Casino have slot machine secrets they don’t want you to know?

The casinos don’t advertise the amount they make on slots. Slot machines are like an “ATM” for the casinos. When they advertise average payouts of 92%, for example, the reverse is also true – They are keeping, on average, 8% of every dollar spent on that machine.   In addition, this is all approved and audited by the gaming commission, meaning the information is readily available to the public.  It also means the casino’s percentages are guaranteed!

The ultimate teaser sign at the casino entrance!

Most casinos have THOUSANDS of slot machines, from mechanical to progressives. The sheer number of machines should be an indicator of how good these machines are at making money – for the casino.

It’s not that Casinos don’t want you to know, since that information is readily available; it’s that clever marketing, enticing games, slot tournaments, and the promise of whopping big prizes compel us average humans into the excitement of the casino floor.

Most people lose money gambling. I play for fun and the occasional, er, rare win. my secret is that I don’t get so caught up in it that I “bet the farm”! (or my house, bank account, etc. – I think you get it).

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I don’t advocate cheating the casino, or seeking out some hidden mechanism to consistently win (to my knowledge there isn’t any – unless you own a casino).

If you enjoy gambling on slot machines but want to spend less money at the casino, I recommend you become a “session gambler”, bringing a limited or very specific bankroll to the casino and wisely investing it in machines you like.  Session gambling is not cheating, it is a discipline that will structure your playing based on the amount of money you are willing to lose.  Even if you are a session gambler, you can still take a chunk of a “big win” and recklessly invest it in a slot machine – you just make that is a unique session as opposed to putting your whole bankroll at risk playing Max Bet until you jackpot or lose it all.

I explain about session gambling in this Blog on gaming. 

Having discipline and maintaining some rules for your gaming habits can extend your play, keep you away from the casino ATM (High fees; AVOID!) and allow you to feel better about having fun at the casino vs. gambling in a desperate attempt to win a jackpot.   These are usually random and happen to someone else.  If you are hoping to win a jackpot, there are some key tips to follow, to increase your chances, but nothing is guaranteed – except that the “house always wins”

  1.     Know the paytables.   Understand if the machine only  pays a jackpot on maximum bet (like a progressive machine), or pays out miserly on sub par bets.  The Paytable is available on every electronic machine, and it will make you much more aware of which machines to play and which to avoid.
  2.      Maintain financial discipline.  If you are going to have 5 sessions at different slots playing $50 per session, take a break in between sessions.   Go to the gift shop.  Take a walk.  People watch as you enjoy your favorite beverage.  Look at the events calendar, stop for live music and anything fun – don’t miss out.
  3.      Learn the ropes.   Many casinos have free gaming lessons, usually in the mornings, when the casino is less crowded.  Never forsake anything free  from the Casino!  It’s a risk-free way to learn a new game without risking your gaming/session bankroll.
  4.      Stop and reflect.   Is this fun?  Is this machine my friend or a bandit?  Slot machines have no emotions, so they don’t earn your loyalty.  Having a cold streak?  Give that machine a break.
  5.      Join the slot club.  Ask the slot attendants if there are any new games or a “hot sheet”.  Look around – what games are always available, which ones are always taken?  That clue may lead you to the more popular games.
  6.     Remember to have fun.  Bring a friend.  Make a friend.  enjoy the noise and excitement of the casino.  Trust me, I do!

So stop searching for the Casino’s secrets, and start enjoying your time at the casinos!  I hope to see you there soon!

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