Can Electric cars Supercharge your Portfolio?

Investing always has some risk, and you need to pick your stocks carefully.

Almost every carmaker is converting from Fossil fuel powered cars to EV’s and Hybrids. This presents opportunity, as the existing manufacturers move their production into electrics, autonomous driving vehicles, and better batteries/software/design.

Tesla, in my opinion, is the leader in the field, but GM, FORD, VW, Nissan, and other manufacturers are starting to change their thinking and are developing their EV lineup.

I believe that the manufacturers who address battery life (driving range between charges), lack of charging stations, and self driving adaptability will be winners, and investing in them early may bring you some great returns. (No guarantee, just my belief).

I also believe a diversified approach, by investing in more than one company, – or a fund that is investing in multiple companies – should give you a good outcome. (Look at IDRV, QCLN, LIT)

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Best of luck with your investments!

Disclaimer: I am not a stock market professional, just an observer and investor sharing my thoughts. Get a professional to advise you before sinking any money into any stocks. I own TSLA, ford, and ARCC technology stocks.