There must be Consequences to the assault on the Capitol

Inciting a mob to attack and ransack the halls of congress is an affront to American democracy.

This is an abuse of power on American soil that cannot go unchecked or excused.  Confederate Flags and Trump banners point clearly to the president and his followers who are fanning the flames of sedition.

My grandmother told me that “a fish stinks from the head”.  Seven Republican senators and their counterparts in the house are Complicit and forever tainted for endorsing this insurrection.  This is not enough.  There is blood on their hands and a broken oath to protect the constitution.

The president and these conspirators should not be given another “Pass” on this – They should be pressured to resign, or be recalled by their states.  The President (who said he could shoot someone in Times square and get away with it) should be pressured to resign in shame or be removed immediately for the safety and protection of the country.  The members of the angry mob that stormed the capitol building must also face consequences, for the action s they took and the damage they have done.

The tainted representatives and the president are FUNDRAISING to propagate the UNPROVEN election fraud.  Refusing to believe over 50 lost lawsuits and the Supreme court has allowed them to raise millions for their illegitimate cause.  The profits from this should be ferreted out and seized, and donated to a fund to rebuild the capitol.  There should be no profiteering from lying to the American people.

The time for action is upon us – a lot can happen in the days before President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris are inaugurated.