Which big company is most likely to disappear within 5 years?

I am sure that Sears and KMart stores are slowly dying out. They are running out of brands to sell (they already sold the Craftsman name) and have lost their value proposition as America’s leading retail store long ago. Soon they will have nothing left to sell for cash and have to shutter their doors.

GE is in the same boat, but their demise is taking a lot longer.  GE is in a cycle where they are selling assets, and that may lift their stock price, until their next crisis.

This article is a partial list of companies on the “Death Watch”: Great American Companies in Serious Danger of Disappearing Forever

When management can get a bigger payday dismantling the company rather than setting an example and saving it –  any large company in America can be aggressively scuttled using a well known pattern of greedy corporate dismemberment.

I suggest a shot of whiskey with these articles:

Sears may be destroyed from the inside — by Wall Street engineering | The Star

This is how you destroy an American icon – NY Post

Risk and Ruin: Enron and the Culture of American Capitalism (American Business, Politics, and Society), Amazon books

It’s not just Sears:

Will Corporate Greed Destroy Our Healthcare System? – Physicians weekly

But there is hope; look at Marvel:

How corporate greed nearly destroyed Marvel’s superhero empire

How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In , by Jim Collins.  Available on amazon books.

I may be a despairing optimist, but it’s hard to be grounded in a world of corporate greed and insanely huge executive compensation. In my investing strategies, I have part of my portfolio relegated to companies I can feel good about owning. It’s time we all found our corporate heroes and support their efforts.

See you at the next Kmart closing (who doesn’t like a bargain).

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