How to buy a car online and not get burned!

Buying a car requires effort and research.
Sometimes it is better to find a dealer for the car you want, or you can do a Google search for cars – Locally or nationwide. Collectable cars are even more difficult to hunt down, depending on whether you want one already restored or not.
50 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Car: How to Get a Great Car Instead of a Lemon
If you are in the automobile business, wholesale auction houses do a lot of sales online, and there are opportunities to make good buys.  A Guide to Buying Vehicles at Auction – Successfully!: Top 20 Tips, Amazon Kindle book.

The most difficult part of buying a car is choosing the make and model (or type) of car you want.  Once you know what car you want, (or even type of car: sedan, pickup, etc.) the rest of the search becomes easier.

Make sure you factor mileage, condition, vehicle history, and any disclosed issues with the car before you make that buy decision.  Have your mechanic or a “go-to” friend you can talk to about the car you are looking at. This can  validate your thinking and get suggestions on the best options for you, or help you realize which car is best, based on your needs.

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Remember to get your car checked out by a mechanic before you take possession, and review the CarFax or maintenance records. It can save you a lot of aggravation!

If the car is not in your local area, make sure you factor the cost of shipping, or flying to the car’s location and driving it home on a “shakedown” ride.  Some companies, like Carmax, will bring the car you want to their local dealer for you to test drive before you buy.  They also offer warranties.

These sites are helpful:

American VIN Check (Car history report) – American Vin

Buying a new car can be exciting, as it is one of the larger purchases (in dollars) by most consumers, next to a new home.  I hope you will be careful and make good choices!

Being a “car guy” most of my life, I have bought and sold numerous cars.  I hope that my modest suggestions will help you make a better deal on your next ride!
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and feel free to share your thoughts.
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