How do you calculate the best home mortgage for you?

Mortgages can be tricky – Remember that you have the final decision, not the “mortgage originator” (who works for the bank).  Talk to your accountant and lawyer, and educate yourself on the different types of mortgages that are available.
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Sometimes there are special programs through the government agencies that you qualify for as well.  Keep in mind that people are frequently told to “get as much mortgage they can qualify for” – and that may last 30 years, but they may go through job loss, illness, or other situations that have to be considered – especially before you sign off on a large monthly payment!
Keep in mind that getting a mortgage is purchasing MONEY to buy a home – Like any major purchase you must be sharp and find the best deal.  FHA rules change all the time too, so always double check with a second lender if your primary one can’t get you the loan you need.
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Familiarize yourself with “how much mortgage you can afford/need”, mortgage calculators, and interest rates.  Learn the “Lingo” and you will be able to understand the things your mortgage consultant is telling you.  And make sure you understand all the requirements;  lenders ask for a lot of verification (pay stubs, bank records, etc.).
Here’s hoping the mortgage you buy has a wonderful home attached to it!

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The Last Word:

Credit card regulations don’t go far enough!

I am rather upset by the weak credit card laws proposed this past week. It is like the paid lobbyists from the credit card companies are writing the legislation!

First, lets get real – the credit card companies ENSLAVE people with credit card debt, interest rate hikes, calendar shenanigans that ensure people miss the due dates (so the banks can charge hefty fees), and other LEGAL and shady practices that guarantee the banks make the maximum profit from each charging customer. This is more like a war than a business, with the debtor who does not pay off his charge cards each month paying more interest and fees than the original purchase is worth.

These companies need to be reined in; not just notifications “90 days prior to an interest rate hike” and forcing anyone under 21 to have a parent cosign (remember, many responsible parents learned their lessons the hard way).

This is better for the CC companies than the debtor! A parent consignor makes the parent responsible if the child defaults. The parent is almost forced into paying off the debt, because their FICO score is affected! (Bank wins). 90 day notification just gives the banks more time to shut down somebodies credit – They have integrated reporting systems, notification tools, and other mechanisms to ensure the person who is being changed will not have a chance to move any of this debt to a lower interest card. (Bank wins).

President Obama – ARE YOU LISTENING? – This law does not go far enough. Let’s send this one back for more revision, and let some responsible citizens have real input into this!